Photo Service

This service is aimed at those who need to create a brochure or photo to the Internet for their business, whether it be a hotel, a shop, a small / medium / large company or photo for their products. The photographs are very important because it gives the possibility to the end customer to see in advance what it receives.
And designed for those who need to capture an event or an event, it is of little or great importance.
But it is also addressed to individuals.

And ‘aimed at all those who are looking for professionalism and quality.

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Commercials and Video production

A video accompanied by the appropriate music to convey the emotions that you want to communicate.
We produce Commercials and Video of a product or a tourist area or whatever. Corporate videos to communicate to the world of the Internet, “We’re here too”

It is not only to the company, but also to artists or bands who want to promote their own (or their) songs in the network.

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Eye Vision 360°

Have you ever wanted to show your customer a place, your hotel, your company, a beautiful landscape, directly from their own home to entice him to come and find more? A new product offered by Marmolada Production is the Virtual Tour, that is, a set of panoramic images taken at 360 ° to 180 ° of an environment, internal or external, in order to give the perception of the visitor to be in place and being able to look around .

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Marmolada Production operates in photos and video focusing on the quality and professionalism of the services offered in order to create a synergy with the client obtaining a product that suits its needs.

Communication is everything

The most important aspect is to understand what you want, this is a path that the developer and the operator must face together so that nothing is left to chance.